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Laguna Lakástextil Kft. held its 61st exhibition in Szombathely.

We had an occasion not only to come up with a new collection, but also to show our partners what we became, where we got to since our last meeting in Szombathely. There was a need for some wind silence in judging the dangers of mass events. And there were the withdrawal symptoms, the desire for personal encounter, the proliferation of virtual relationships, the resentment of prudent distancing… All of these led Laguna Lakástextil Kft. to open its doors to the visitors on the first weekend of September.

First of all to the end: we really felt that this should be organized, because the sixty-first (61st!) multi-day international exhibition of Laguna was consistently lovable and successful. Change, renewal at all levels - we were waiting for our guests with this message,- and the visitors appreciated that we have the opportunity not only to say it, but also to show it. Not to mention the possibility that those who used to know each other only by phone could now meet in person.

We consider our curtain branch, which balances between trade and applied arts, to be special, and the practitioners of it understand each other in half words. It is not difficult for them to chat about the props, conditions and techniques of creating homeliness, intimacy and relaxedness. This time again, the exchange of views culminated in a trend forum and roundtable discussions on the latest fashion trends.

We don’t hide it: the special offer curtain sold out nicely, just as the assessment of the saleability and elegance of the new collection was favorable. And in the evenings we had to test whether we could feel the flavors, which is the importance of our business, unnecessary to depict in these stormy times. Curtains tend to come together as a good company, which, in addition to tastes, also has a role for us. People who deal with curtains tend to band together in good company, where not only taste but also sound is important. This time, representatives of nearly a hundred companies were able to experience that when things were over, when in the evenings the music was filtering the light instead of the curtain and somehow, as always, it really turns out that we expose our hearts to the table in the twilight.