Far and wide

Draperies in width and in height in the new Laguna collection

Laguna’s current collection includes 450 sample hangers, which means well over two thousand different textiles. From a logistical point of view, it is not a small challenge. The task is to keep all the products -which come from about half a hundred manufacturers- in stock at all times, in the right quantities. The goal is, of course, one hundred percent, but based on many years of practice - in light of the fulfillment of daily orders - this task is fulfilled in 97-99 percent. The latter number has been realized several times recently, which is an encouraging sign for the future. In addition, even such a multifaceted, wide selection needs to be supplemented, and in the process now double wide, or at least 280 cm high black out/dim out curtains and draperies have come to the front. Size matters: fabrics named Almira, for example, are 310 cm high, and the continuous expansion of this segment is currently underway in the Laguna.