About Us

Laguna Lakástextil Ltd. is a Hungarian family business, a classic wholesaler, which supplies retail speciality stores with curtains, decor fabrics, accessories, wallpapers in about thirty countries. It has been able to become one of the most significant market participant in Central and Eastern Europe over the past three decades by focusing on exact delivery just in time. Laguna’s current collection contains 450 sample hangers as part of the cutting program, which means well over two thousand different articles always in stock.

Our company is interested in all three main product categories. The entry level is „Laguna”, the middle category is „Excellent”, the top, so the premium segment is called „Tulip”. We focus at all levels on aspects of elegance, quality and value for money. The requirement of marketability for us is not about the compulsion to compromise: one of the most important question in the selection is always whether we would be happy to put the given textile on our own window. In different living spaces, life situations, moods, and at all. We have three orientation points, namely naturalness, authenticity, and originality.

We know that we live in a time of collective wisdom, this is the age of recommendations. That’s why we chose our slogan, “it’s easier with us than without us,”, and we are constantly working to make retailers and stores feel the same way. We do not only follow trends, we participate in their creation as well.