It's good to be home
Modern, yet timeless textiles
New clothes for the table
Viktoria, the textile of the future
Leaf patterned textiles
When the textile conspicuous
Livorno, naturally
Timelessness and versatility
Woven patterns, special textures
Spice up your home
Weather resistant outdoor textiles
Outside is the new inside
In imagination, there's no limitation
Playing with lights

Product range

We offer thousands of different textiles and accessories from the entry to the premium segment. The principle of selection in all categories is quality, high quality design, rich pattern and color range.

Why Laguna Textile?

We strive for a perfect stock, and this is our target, day by day, achived between 97% and 99%. The result is checked regularly. We are one of the dominant wholesalers in Central and Eastern Europe, you can always rely on us.
Receipt of the order is followed without delay by processing, quality control, cutting, packaging and then shipping. The truck of the courier leaves Laguna every day at the end of working period.
Our cutting program includes 450 samples, so in total it includes more than two thousand textiles. Laguna sees its place in the market as a reliable support for its stores.
Laguna Lakástextil Ltd. supplies more than 500 stores in Hungary with its products. Together with foreign customers, we are in contact with almost 1,500 stores and department stores, on a daily basis. The number of our partners is constantly growing. It is common that retailers recommend us to each other.
Laguna products are already available in thirty countries. We export to China and the United States as well. We have our own network of dealers in Hungary, and mainly in the surrounding countries.
Our company's offer always takes note of future trends, but strives for originality and authenticity. We are working to create a synthesis of European tastes, which is a cross-section of Mediterranean and Scandinavian, as well as Western and Eastern influences. The filter that marketed products have to go through is ours and completely unique.
Why Laguna Textile?