Delicate structure

The endless question is whether we need big patterns or small patterns, or whether the structure itself is the winner.

Why is it almost impossible to take a decision on this question in terms of the latest trends?

It is more a question of style than trend. The 'slow design', the minimalist decade of silent fashion, is indeed on the downturn, and even if it's hard to let go, it has been infused with darker colours and a few surprises: it's become Japandi. But it loves neutral textiles without patterns, and small patterns.

Yes, but where's the joie de vivre, the playfulness, the fun, and the charm? There is a need, and we know it at Laguna. We just wanted to remind you that the delicate structures, the transparent weaving patterns, the tiny geometric motifs, create a sense of balance and order. They cleverly reduce the "visual noise"; they create peace. Some examples from our collection: